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What exactly is this website?

This website is a replacement/upgrade for the Completed Skins Compendium, which previously was just a long list of skins grouped roughly by 5 predefined tags.

Why did you change from a forum post to a website?

The Compendium has always been a hassle to browse and is hard to maintain in its current state, not to mention it is running into technical problems like the character limit of forum posts. Changing it over to a website is an improvement for both the user wanting to browse skins as well as for the maintainer.

What is the difference between this website and other skin databases?

  • Forum connection - This website is based on the Completed Skins Forum, all skins in this subforum have been added to this website and are not just a random assortment of skins we found in our folder.
  • Quality Control - All skins on this website should have a decent quality, as there are quality requirements for a skin to be considered completed.
  • Full power to the creators - They have full control over what they want to display about the skin, they can change the information of their skins at will. There is no rehosting of skins - creators are given full control over the spread of their skins.
  • Active maintanence - This website is actively maintained and skins usually get added within 24 hours after the submission.
  • Originality and SFW - All skins on this website follow the rules of the Skinning Forum. This means that all skins are fully original and safe for work.

How can I get my skins added?

Just head over to the submission page and fill out the form there. Any skin submitted there will be moved to the completed skins subforum and added to the compendium.

Please be aware that to submit to the queue your skin must have its own forum post and not break the forum rules. Skins that do not fulfill those criteria will not be added, since this website only is an extension of the compendium and therefore always should reflect the compendiums data.

I want to change the information/cover on my skin, how can I do this?

Please contact RockRoller via osu! chat or Discord.

I don’t want my skin to be featured on this website, how can I contact you?

Please contact RockRoller via osu! chat or Discord.

What is skinship?

skinship is an osu! community centered around skinning. We are most well-known for organising the Skinning Contest, our skinning tutorial and for being one of the biggest discord communities centered around skinning.

How can I make my own skin?

Please check out our skinning tutorial.


If you need to contact us for any reason please message RockRoller via osu! chat or Discord.

Privacy and Data Collection

This website is made with GitLab Pages. skinship (“we”, “our”) does not track your visit or activity on the compendium (“the website”), and does not make use of any cookies. Third-party services - i.e. GitLab, Cloudflare and image hosts - may be tracking some statistics about your visit of the website.